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Какви са характеристиките на развитие на безшевни квадратни тръби с висока якост?

Време за публикуване: 2022 Прегледи: 3

1. High production efficiency: it takes 154 hours to produce a cylinder with an inner diameter of 420 mm and a length of 12 meters using the traditional method, and only 4 minutes to produce by cold drawing method.  

2. High rate of quality: because the rolling head of boring and the guiding effect, in the cutting process, the blank tube because of the deflection of its own weight, resulting in rolling head and boring cutter deviation, the formation of waste products.  The rate of genuine product can only reach about 60%, and with cold drawing production, the rate of genuine product can reach more than 95%. 

3. High metal utilization rate: using the traditional boring method to make the cylinder block, the metal utilization rate is only 50-70%.  When produced by drawing method, metal is not only not cut into iron, but can get 30% extension, metal utilization rate can reach 95%.

4. Can improve the mechanical properties of the product tube metal: with the method of drawing production, so that the blank gets more than 30% of the plastic deformation, because of the hardening of the product tube metal strength limit is greatly improved.  Generally, the strength limit of in-process inner layer improves by 60%.  High precision cold drawing pipe is made of seamless hot rolled square pipe and straight seam welded pipe as blank. After chemical treatment, it is drawn on special cold drawing machine through mold planning of special deformation principle to produce high precision pipe.  Its dimensional accuracy is H10 ~ H8, its straightness is 0.35 ~ 0.5mm/m, and its surface roughness is Ra1.6 ~ 0.4.  Seamless square tube manufacturers have to carry out technological change and innovation, to carry out the direction of high precision, in line with the theme and requirements of The Times.
What is the use of high strength seamless square pipe?

Seamless square tube as a square tube has been widely used in all walks of life, its production process and seamless steel tube production process is the same, but not seamless square tube is not round, and their forming method is not the same. 

Seamless tube is a kind of empty section, surrounded by ChangGang joint around, seamless moment can pipe conveying fluid, there is only one but don't and pipes it is mainly used for conveying engineering have special requirements, such as transport oil, natural gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc., it determines the strength of purpose, strength the higher toughness better torque tube seamless not only high profit,  And the use is also very square pipe, the strength is mainly good or bad steel, and the later process is almost the same, each production plant has a fixed model.

The choose and buy when steel is very exquisite, not only can choose to complete the production of steel, also select economical steel, so as to not affect the quality of the production or can guarantee profits, there is a kind of economic cross section steel products on the market at present, widely used in the manufacturing structure and mechanical parts, such as drill pipe, auto transmission shaft, the hook, scaffolding, etc.